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Easy level reading through the complete 'Cat and Mouse' level indicator system. Easily adjustible with closed system option ideal for corrosive fuming chemicals.

SFA Cat and Mouse Kit
Product Information:
Kit contains 1) PP float 2) 10m of PP string 3) 2 pulleys and 4) 1magnetic counterweight.
  • Great Value!
  • 199.95+vat
Cat and Mouse in Action

SFA Cat & Mouse Explanation:
Advantages are that it provides clear external level indication of internal liquid levels with easily adjustible sensors (BSM 501). It also provides a sealed off system - ideal for corrosive fuming chemicals. Note: It is important to specify that the transparent tube has to be transparent PVC, 63mmOD metric.

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Level Sensor (BSM 501/63)
Product Information:
Magnetic level sensor to be fitted with the 'Cat and Mouse' system. It is a bi-stable switch which is triggered by the magnet passing the sensors.
  • Great Value!
  • 62.95+vat

Bamo - Full Product Description

SFA 'Cat and Mouse' Complete System

SFA ext. level indicator
BSM level switch

  • Easy to install - Convenient to viscous, aggressive and waste liquids
  • High, long or small tanks
  • Adjustable level switches - Kits for ordering


The float, suspended to a cable supported with 2 pulleys, drives a balance weight inside the external transparent tube. The balance weight has a built in magnet to operate the level switches.


This SFA level indicator includes a float and a balance weight linked together by cable sliding on 2 pulleys. The balance weight is guided inside a transparent PVC tube ( 63 x 57) and allows an easy level reading. The guiding tube is fixed with PE collars; it is equipped in option with PVC graduated ruler, level switches.

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